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In today’s world, we get to know most people, companies or products primarily through virtual interaction. 

How we perceive something, or someone, and how we further engage with the same has become highly dependent on online presence and reputation. Any negative content or engagement can bring down a company or a brand value at lightning speed. We understand the serious implications of not having an effective Online Reputation Management team your side.

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The bitter truth is that negative online reputation and online reputation discrepancies are not technological issues, nor algorithm related, nor problems that fade away with time. These are plain and simple human problems. If the people we interact with leave negative or damaging reviews, feedbacks or information about our products and services, then no Google’s algorithms nor any high SEO ranking can correct that. These only churn up what content is available online. We therefore understand that ORM has to be a humanistic service, effectively minimizing and counteracting human prejudice, negativity, and malicious agendas against a company or a product.

We weigh out every ounce of information related to you, and thereafter ensure that the more relevant content doesn’t get overwhelmed or overshadowed by the irrelevant and negative bits lying around. We meticulously ensure the strategy of information displacement. In our ORM we don’t pay much attention to whether your readers may or not click on that important ad, as long as they don’t click on some angry rant left behind by a previous client. That’s why we effectively combine SEO with ORM, as two sides of the same strategic coin.